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  • Clean design
Shape controlled water flow

  • Adjustable and free positionable

  • Best ergonomics for staff and baby
  • High hygienic standard

  • Best material choice



  • Adjustable height 850mm - 1100mm
  • Tiltable for perfect water dump
  • Moveable for independent positioning
  • Optimized contour for babies comfort


  • Hygienical surface finish for easy cleanup
  • Free of joints and edges - inside and outsid
  • Construction elements and handle made of stainless steel
  • Tub and socket cover made of vacuum injected glass fibre

Más información

This infant bath has been newly developed, taking into account health care requirements.

The jointless trough form complies with the highest hygienic standards and can be cleaned hygienically.

The ergonomically shaped, double-walled, thermally insulated infant bath is the ideal bath solution for infants in the first weeks. The design of the tub body with PU foam core keeps the water temperature even longer.

The use of the infinitely variable height adjustment relieves the back of the parents and the child
Nursing staff when bathing the infant.

A storage surface was seamlessly integrated into the bath form.

The waste water is professionally disposed of by means of a surge-free tipping over the spout. A working height of 90 cm when emptying over a washing table, can be carried out without problems thanks to the integrated lifting column.

For the safety of the medical personnel the hand contact is avoided when emptying the baby bath. The tipping operation is back-friendly because the tilting movement is exerted by means of an easy-to-operate crank device.