The swivelling cord
  • Ceiling bracket with swivelling unit (360°), lockable every 15°
  • Includes cover panel
  • Easy handling

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Febromed's 360˚ swivelling "get up" holding system makes an important contribution to a safe and health-promoting workflow in your radiology department. Our holding system is space-saving and offers considerable added value for patients, staff and ultimately for your facility.

For your patiens:

  • independet moving
  • safe support in any position
  • the sling can be swiveled 360°
  • safe motion for:
    seniors, disabled people, bedridden patiens, wheelchair users

For your staff:

  • ergonomic working
  • reduced physical workload
  • fast changing of the sling
  • more time for patient contact

For your facility:

  • various combination with existing systems
  • small space requirement
  • ounting on wall, floor or ceiling on customer request