Active Birth Pools - Active 360° Degree

The advantage of the active 360 is that people can walk 360° around the tub. In contrast to all other versions, all operating elements are located on the edge of the bath. The pinnacle of water birth pool development. An incomparable combination of superior materials & state-of-the-art manufacturing that provides mothers & midwives with unparalleled comfort, safety & support.
Active Birth Pools - Active 360° Degree

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Technical Data

Length: 1960mm  /  Width: 1650mm  / Height: 750mm  /  Deep: 640mm  /  Weight (leer): 100kg  /  Capazity: 550 l  /  Material: Ficore®

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Running board

The step on the running board allows the mother to enter and leave the pelvis safely and comfortably. As soon as the mother is in the water, a knee pad can be attached to the running board so that it can serve as a knee support for the midwife. 

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