MEGA DUO – birthing pool
(without overflow)

Relaxation & birthing pool
  • Relaxation pool without overflow
  • with two pool grips, arm rests & control panel
  • for spontaneous delivery
  • secure grip
  • Ideal for birthing centres, maternity hospitals and maternity clinics!
  • For a pleasant water birth
MEGA DUO – birthing pool<br />(without overflow)

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Easy-clean and hygienic:
Bacteria don’t have a chance to settle on the smooth, glass-hard Steel enamel 3.5 mm surface making it more hygienic than softer baths and tiled shower areas.
Steel enamel 3.5 mm with the easy-clean finish, takes almost all of the dirt and limescale particles with it. Even dried-on watermarks and lime residue can be removed easily. And because stringent cleaners are not needed – just a soft, damp cloth, easy-clean finish has a positive effect on the environment, too.

Resistent to chemicals:
Kaldewei manufactures its own enamel. This is the only way to ensure that all the requirements for a bath is met. Steel enamel 3.5 mm is resistant to all cosmetic and medical bath additives and perfumes that are tolerated by human skin, in accordance with DIN ISO 2722, Class AA (highest value rating).

Steel enamel 3.5 mm is colourfast, lightfast and resistant to UV light. It does not fade, even after 30 years’ of usage. By contrast, acrylic can change colour and alter the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Heat resistent:
Burning and glowing objects like cigarettes or candles do not leave marks on the surface. Steel enamel 3.5 mm is not flammable, unlike synthetic baths, therefore doesn’t release harmful gases if burnt.

Impact resistant:
Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm passed the “Fring pin and impact test” in accordance with DIN ISO 4532.