With our cooling aid, she can focus on providing warmth and affection.

The Febromed Cold Pack is the answer to alleviating perineal complications after childbirth. The self-cooling Cold Pack fulfils two essential tasks, by absorbing infectious discharge from the wound and providing a pleasant cooling effect for a speedy recovery. All that to the highest standard of hygiene. Guaranteed.


The benefits of a gel compress combined with those of an absorbent pad – especially for perineal complications

The use of cooling

It’s no pleasant topic: according to studies, injuries to the perineum occur in up to 62% of all natural births. Mothers are often not prepared for this and suffer both physically and psychologically. In many cases women are left with scarring, which can not only take away some of the joy in sex, but can in some cases even cause urinary or faecal incontinence. For qualified medical professionals, providing hygienic wound care early on is part of effective treatment. Best of all, immediately after the birth – and cooling is the method of choice. The positive effects of using cooling agents were even known in Hippocrates’ time!

  • Alleviates pain
  • Reduces swelling
  • Decreases cell metabolism
  • Significantly reduces inflammation
  • Significantly reduces the necessary painkiller dosage

In practice, cooling treatments are applied in very different ways, with possible consequences for successful healing and the sensitive subject of hygiene. For example, gel compresses only briefly remain at a suitable temperature: initially they are too cold and may cause further damage to severely stressed skin, before quickly becoming too warm. The traditional method of ice in bags or similar approaches are also no longer recommended, for hygiene and patient safety reasons.