febromed-products – preparing for a gentle delivery

febromed – one of the leading delivery-room specialists in Europe – produces equipment to support women in labour. We are equipping delivery units and labour wards throughout Europe and the world since 1995.

The idea of inventing our products was first of all to give the mother-to-be a safe and secure position when giving birth in the natural, vertical way. 

Our birthing systems offer various sitting components for the mother-to-be combined with having the opportunity to “hang” in the rope for relaxing purposes. 

Safe and relaxing: Pelviball® and Dullstein® delivery stool

The mother can loosen the pelvic muscles while sitting on Pelviball® during first stage of labour or between contractions. The plug-in delivery stool offers a safe and secure position while giving birth. 

Dullstein® delivery stool is a functional and high-quality stool with soft imitation leather cover and can be used in combination with our birthing systems or as a single solution. 

With modular construction and various sitting facilities febromed-products offer support, safety and relaxation for the mother-to-be during any stage of labour and allow giving birth in a natural, vertical position.

Natural birth with active partner support

With an own firm partner seat behind the mother-to-be the partner is involved in the delivery process and can support the woman actively.  Researches show giving birth in the natural, vertical position has positive effects on the mother and the baby:  less episiotomies, less labour pain and fewer perineal or vaginal trauma. In upright position babies show less frequent abnormal heart rate patterns but a higher umbilical arterial pH. 

Febromed-products are modular constructed, designed ergonomically, flexible in use and easy to handle – the enrichment for every delivery room. 

Variotrac® the swivelling rope

The swivelling rope Variotrac® is available for wall, floor or ceiling fastening. All versions have a swivel arm rotating 360 °, which can be fixed every 15 °. Variotrac® can be combined with different equipment, such as delivery bed, birthing pool or birthing stool. As space-saving, shapely and flexible in use as the ceiling construction are the wall and floor models. 

Spare ropes are made of 100 % cotton, are washable, pleasant in use and easily exchangeable.

Silence and relaxation with our breastfeeding chair

A little oasis of privacy offers our breastfeeding and relaxing chair. By push-bottom the back rest is continuously adjustable, arms rests are adjustable in height and depth and can be turned sideways. 

Bonding position and feeding twins is easy to handle. Soft and adjustable head rest and lumbar cushion care for a comfortable sitting position. An ergonomic, adjustable foot rest and a multifunctional foot stool with smooth-running castors and integrated fixing brake complete the ensemble. 

Perfectly equipped and supplied all round mother and baby can enjoy the harmoniously moments of breastfeeding in a comfortable atmosphere.

Especially for the Neonatology unit we have integrated four clip holders into the chair for safe attaching of supply tubes. Even for Kangarooing a baby the clips offers a safe and easy solution.

Compliance with hygiene guidelines 

All febromed products comply with hygiene guidelines in public health services, they are durable and safe due to their high-quality manufacture. A variety of colours and models for ropes and upholstery offers the opportunity to equip the delivery room in an individual and attractive way. 

We are DIN-certified: DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 13485.

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